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Tagalog Sex Stories - Nympho (part 3)

Nympho true story continuation. . .

His hand left my breasts and cursed. I could feel him struggling to put it back in in a hurry. Too slow.
I pushed him onto the ground, pulled my shorts (I remember now that I was wearing shorts) and panties off, and knelt down over him, straddling his cock. With one hand I gripped his cock, positioning it against my pussy, and then lowered myself onto it, sliding it in all the way down. Oh God. Oh f*ck. Putang ina yeahhh. Like he did before me, I didn't waste any time. I started gyrating on top of him fast, sliding my hips forward and back, fucking myself on him. He moaned long and loud, I matched him with my own sharp gasps, my voice sharp with each exhalation. From my vantage point, I could see people walking by the entrance to the eskinita where we were fucking passionately. I idly wondered if they could see or hear us, or what would happen if one of my friends would be the ones to catch us.

Tagalog Sex Stories - Nympho (part 2)

Continuation of my true sex story. . .
The next thing I knew, we were in some eskenita between two closed restaurants. I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth. I don't remember if I was wearing a skirt or shorts. It could've been either. All I remember is that the gravel made my knees hurt while I sucked his dick and he moaned while he was holding his shirt up and looking down at my face bobbing up and down on his hard p*n*s. He probably

Tagalog Sex Stories - Nympho ( True Story)

Nympho ( True Story) 
Mga 'tol - may ishshare ako sa inyong True Story ko about sex. Sana magustuhan nyo.
Noong mga January ngayong 2011, nasa Facebook ako, nag-aadd lang nga mga babaeng cute sa mga friends list ng mga kaibigan ko. Doon ko na meet ang babaeng itatago nalang natin sa palayaw na "V".
Si V ay mas cute kaysa maganda, pero kaakit-akit parin. Yung tipong alam mong may natatagong kulo sa loob. Nagaaral sa ekslusibong unibersidad sa Katipunan (obvious ba kung alin yun?) pero may isa siyang malupit na sikreto.